First Presbyterian Church - Washington Courthouse, Ohio
Size: 11,500 sq. ft.
Job Specifier: A.H. Sturgill Roofing, Inc.
Job Type: Shingle Tear Off

Job Specifications:
Tear off existing shingles to the deck, install new 24 gauge DMI 18” Galvalume metal panels and all associated flashings, ornamental metal, and detail metal work.

Points of Interest:
This job was very exciting and challenging. We were charged with the job of installing a new, updated roof system that would maintain the architectural feel of the original building. Scaffolding also had to be erected to the tower of the church to perform the tower work. There was also a great deal of ornamental metal work done, including new crosses, copings, and ornamental edge details. This job overall was challenging but extremely rewarding.
Lexis Nexis - Dayton, Ohio
Size: 20,000 sq. ft.
Job Specifier: RDA Group
Job Type: Complete Tear Off

Job Specifications:
Complete roof removal of existing roof and ballast down to the metal deck, installing insulation and a fire retardant recovery board, torching 2 plys of Firestone SBS modified bitumen membrane.

Points of Interest:
This project was logistically challenging, as there were multiple roof areas. All of these areas had various points of access, including an array of ladders and 2 cranes operating simultaneously. The building overall is 7 stories high, with smaller roofs on each side of every floor. Gravel ballast, roof demolition, and all new materials had to be taken up and down this “stair-step” building. This is also the corporate headquarters building, so work had to be performed entirely on the weekends to accommodate the customer’s requirements.
Childrens Medical South - Miamisburg, Ohio
Size: 16,000 sq. ft. of membrane
9,000 sq. ft. of metal panels
Job Specifier: Pinnacle Architects
Job Type: New Construction

Job Specifications:
New insulation and .040 Durolast membrane mechanically fastened to a metal deck. Also install ice and water shield and 24 gauge DMI metal panels over a sloped wood deck.

Points of Interest:
This job was designed with a large blending of wall panels, metal roof systems, and flat roof systems. There was some curved and non-linear detail work to install as well. This made the job looking perfect even more important to everyone involved. It can be seen on your right heading north on I-75.
Springboro Junior High - Springboro, Ohio
Size: 100,874 sq. ft.
Job Specifier: Duro-Last
Job Type: Re-roof

Job Specifications:
Install one layer of insulation and a Duro-Last roofing system over the existing gravel built-up roof and lightweight insulating concrete over metal deck.

Points of Interest:
As with all schools this project required a great deal of coordination. We had to ensure that we would avoid disruption with school activities or normal class operations. Odors, noise, and material storage were all issues that had to be coordinated and dealt with throughout the entirety of this project.
Wexford Community Center - Beavercreek, Ohio
Size: 117,016 sq. ft.
Job Specifier: A. H. Sturgill Roofing, Inc
Job Type: Shingle Layover & Repairs

Job Specifications:
Tamko 30 year dimensional shingles were installed over the existing roofs after a severe windstorm. The remaining buildings had extensive repairs performed on them.

Points of Interest:
This complex consists of numerous living units situated directly on Beavercreek Golf Course. Material storage, parking, noise, and speed of work were all essential in performing this work quickly. We also worked closely with the owners to evaluate the roof damage and design appropriate repairs where needed as well as re-roofs where required.
Sycamore Country Club - Springboro, Ohio
Size: 21,500sq. ft.
Job Specifier: RDA Group
Job Type: Complete Tear Off To Metal Deck

Job Specifications:
Tear off existing roof to metal deck, install tapered insulation, Fire retardant cover board, and 2 plies of torch applied Firestone SBS asphalt based material.

Points of Interest:
This project had a pre-engineered tapered insulation layout to drain the water to the drains, meaning that the insulation boards had to be installed in the correct order to slope the water to the correct areas. This project also included masonry work, plumbing rerouting, and some framing renovations. The club was fully functioning throughout the project as well.
Fairmont Highschool - Kettering, Ohio
Size: 126,500 sq. ft. Re-roof
40,200 sq. ft. New Construction
Job Specifier: Danis Building Construction
Job Type: New Lightweight Insulating concrete poured over existing roof/metal deck, Firestone mechanically fastened base, 1 ply SBS hot mopped base sheet, 1 ply SBS torch applied cap sheet.

Job Specifications:
Install one mechanically fastened Firestone base sheet, one torch applied Firestone SBS base sheet, and one hot asphalt applied Firestone SBS base sheet.

Points of Interest:
This job was a large part of a total renovation of one half of the Fairmont High School. The job was lengthy and required coordination with various other contractors on site, as well as with the school itself, which was in session during part of the construction.

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Agape Church - Dayton, Ohio
Size: 14,137 sq. ft.
Job Specifier: A. H. Sturgill Roofing, Inc.
Job Type: Shingle Tear Off

Job Specifications:
A 30# felt and 30 year Certainteed dimensional shingles were installed over the existing wood deck over the entirety of this building.

Points of Interest:
The most amazing part of this building is the dome, which is made up of numerous triangles, each going in a different direction. This required a significant amount of engineering to do properly. There are also skylights in this dome, making the situation a bit more complex. This job is certainly one of the most interesting and rewarding jobs we have done.

Take a look at some of our past roofing projects. Many of these projects poised unique challenges not only with roofing requirements but also with intensive planning, coordination, and scheduling.
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